Creating Graphics and Marketing That Show the Energy of What You're Offering. [Audio]

Updated: Dec 6, 2017

Ok. I'm gonna have to bring the big guns in on this one...

Two of my incredibly gifted and potent friends, Simone Milasas and Megan Hill, speak so eloquently about things such as creating for the joy of it, and using graphics that portray the energy of what you're offering. Their conversation is really fun if you're interested in creating the energy that entices possible customers instead of driving them away. Since listening to their recent podcast episode I've been having so much more fun creating content!

These two are massive creators in the world and it would be wise to listen to the tools and questions that they have on offer here.

Simone is the Worldwide Coordinator for Access Consciousness as well as the founder of Joy of Business. Access Consciousness is a change and transformation behemoth which is available in 174 countries with thousands of practitioners and facilitators around the globe. The information, tools, and classes of both Access and Joy of Business have deeply changed my life personally, as well as hundreds of thousands of others.

Megan Hill is the lead Marketing and Social Media person for Access Consciousness. She has created a massive expansion in Access Consciousness from her involvement with it over the past 7 years. She oversees a lot of what has made Access and Dr. Dain Heer a global social media sensation.

One of the most remarkable things about both of these ladies is the strength that they have. Talk about powerful, potent examples of not only what is possible as a woman, but as any person (man, woman, or child) in business! I've worked with them on many events and their tenacity to never give up and willingness to empower those around them are unequaled. They both inspire me to be everything I am and create the world that I know is possible.

And you can tell they're having no fun at all!


P.S. I haven't figured out how to embed straight into this post yet, so follow this link to listen:

And if you'd like to hear it on itunes, you can subscribe and download to Simone's Podcast here:

-Bret Rockmore

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