How do you know what to choose? Developing Greater Trust in You as an Entrepreneur: Part 1

Updated: May 17, 2018

As an entrepreneur you are faced with difficult decisions to make every single day. You are bringing something new into the world. You are creating something nobody else has yet created.

There is no guidebook, there is no manual that can address every challenge you will face. You will come across things that will stretch your leadership abilities, test your resolve, and challenge your vision of how things could be.

There is no way to plan for these situations, so how do you develop the wherewithal to be able to handle them with ease as they come up?

Developing trust in you: Navigating these unknown waters of business and personal growth in this age it is vital to develop a trust in you and in the choices you make. What if you didn’t have to endlessly fret over decisions, (even the big ones), going back and forth a thousand times, worrying about making the right choice and not making the wrong choice?  Luckily there are tools to further develop having trust in what you choose with your business and in your life. Using these tools for 7 straight years I've gone from living on my grandparents’ couch to running 4 global businesses, and consulting in the growth of many successful businesses worldwide. I keep using them because they keep working. It is possible to function with your life and business as an ever-expanding world of possibilities. There are many questions and tools out there to aid you in achieving this and these have been 5 that have been the most dynamic I’ve found so far.

1. Acknowledge that you know*

You’ve known things your entire life that you have no cognitive understanding of how you knew.

You can perceive when there is something off in a situation. You can tell when someone is hiding something from you. 

Believe it or not, you are aware of things and you know stuff that you may not have acknowledged before.

Have you ever chosen something in business, and you knew it wasn’t going to turn out well before you chose it, and then you went against your awareness and chose it anyway? And then it turned out just as bad as you knew it would?

We all have. Those situations always end with “Damn! I knew that’s what was gonna happen!"

One way to start to get a sense of your innate knowing is to look back at all the times you've chosen those things that you knew would turn out crappy but you chose it anyway and it turned out just as crappy as you knew it would. 

Those are the times where you get to see that you have knowing and the next time you have an important choice to make, you can acknowledge that the sense you have that something won't work out is actually accurate and has validity to it. 

Other people may not agree with you, will think you’re absolutely insane and try to convince you that you’re wrong, but once you start to become aware that you know what futures your choices will create, you will begin to really trust your gut and no longer go down the rabbit holes that other people try to drag you down..

So what do you do about a choice you're not so happy with?

Part 2: What about the choices you're not happy with?

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*The tools I use in this article come from Access Consciousness; a fantastically weird, wild and wacky set of tools and processes to empower people to know that they know. Find out more about Access Consciousness here.

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