What about the choices you're 'not so happy' about? Greater Trust in You as an Entreprenuer: Part 2

Updated: May 17, 2018

(This article is Part 2 in a series on Developing Trust in You as an Entrepreneur)

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Part 1: How do you know what to choose?

Having trust in your gut instincts (what I call 'your knowing') is an important tool in being able to make challenging and complex decisions that effect your business, your employees, your shareholders, and the community that you serve. When you know that you know, those choices become easier, and you greatly ramp up your ability to make choices that change the structure and direction of your business in ways that create more for everyone involved.

But what do you do with the choices you've made that you're not so happy about?

Step 2: No choice lasts longer than 10 seconds*.

If every choice you make were only good for ten seconds, what would you choose?

How it usually works is that we make a choice, and when it doesn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, we either blame ourselves and make ourselves wrong, or we blame someone or something outside of us. This traps us in the thinking that there is a right choice and a wrong choice and if we choose the wrong thing, that we’re stuck with it forever. 

The truth is, your choice is only good for ten seconds. After that, you get to choose again. The leaders who have achieved great success know this to be true. When you’re stuck in the wrongness of you for a choice you made, you’re out of creation of the future that you would like to have. When you make you wrong for a choice that you have made, you tend to only see what went wrong, and not what you can choose different.

It’s your choices that create the future you desire, not the punishment you do to you for the choices you’ve decided are wrong.

Totally messed something up? Choose again! Totally created something phenomenal? Choose again!

Most people get totally confused by this tip. They misidentify that if only choice were good for ten seconds that they get to be flakey. It's not that. Choosing in ten seconds increments gives you the flexibility to not have to hold onto the past or your previous decisions that no longer work for you and your business.

Instead of making yourself wrong for what you've not gotten right in your business, you now simply just get to make a new choice. 

Step 3: Find the strongness in every wrongness*.

When somebody makes you wrong, they are not having your back. When you're making you wrong you're not having your own back. When you're making you wrong you are not in the mindset to make the new choices that would create your success.

Something we’re not told is that everything you think is a wrongness about you or a situation is actually a strongness in disguise. When you begin looking for the strongness, it becomes much harder to get stuck in the loop of wrongness and doubt that many of us perpetrate on ourselves. You start to see how you can use what you’ve decided is wrong about you to your advantage.

Do you get bored easily? What strength is that that you haven’t acknowledged?

Do you have trouble finishing projects? What strength is that that you haven’t acknowledged?

Maybe you’re way more capable than you’ve decided you are and actually need to add MORE projects so you don’t have the time to get bored with any of them!

Look at some of your favorite Entrepreneurs and take a look at what people have made them wrong for. Are these things actually wrong or is it one of their strengths? 

How ridiculous would it be if Richard Branson judged himself for being too disruptive?

How totally outrageous would it be if Oprah judged that she talked too much?

How unfortunate would it be if Will Ferrell judged that he was being too ridiculous and that he should be more serious?

It’s much easier to see the strength in others than to see in ourselves. The things you judge about you are just as ridiculous as the things that others could judge about themselves, we just tend to only see the wrongness because that is what we’ve decided is so.

When you start making you wrong for something you've chosen, or if somebody else is making you wrong ask yourself "What's right about this I'm not getting*? What strength is this that I haven't acknowledged?”

When you choose to be curious about what you’ve decided is wrong about you, you begin to see the strength of you that gives you the competitive edge that your competition would prefer you not to have.

"That's great and all, but how do you get beyond those sticking places that seem to come up time and time again?"

Part 3: How do you create beyond what's stopping you?

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