How do you create beyond what's stopping you? Greater Trust in You as an Entrepreneur: Part 3

(This article is Part 3 of a series of articles on developing trust in you as an entrepreneur)

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Armed with your knowing, seeing the strength in what you've considered wrong, you're ready to create beyond what has been stopping you and limiting the growth and success of your business.

How do you get beyond the conflicts with the people you deal with?

How do you make sure you're always growing and never stagnating?

How do you create beyond your greatest successes?

Step 4: Get Seriously Unserious!

We've all been in charged conversations, haven't we? They're so much fun.....NOT! One person has their point of view that they're fighting for, you have your point of view you're fighting for and no one gets anywhere! You ever notice how much laughter and humor are involved in those conversations....oh yeah, none! 

If you can create humor for you in a tense situation, then you're already coming out of the worst of it. 

The easiest way to take the charge out of a situation is to have everything be simply an interesting point of view*. 

There are infinite possibilities available to you as an entrepreneur. Whenever you take a fixed point of view about something, you lock yourself and your business out of being able to choose or even see the opportunities that present themselves that don't match your fixed point of view.

When you take a fixed point of view, you're making you and your business into the equivalent of a painting hanging on a wall that is incapable of movement. It's fixed. You miss out on being able to move and adjust to the new situations and developments in your sector that if you don't move on in the moment could leave you and your business in the dust.

To have that level of mobility, flexibility, and change practice turning every fixed point of view you have into an interesting point of view.

How do you do it?  Take some upset that you've had with your business or your money situation over the last week or so. Get the energy of it (that crunch you perceive? That's the energy). Now look at it and say "Interesting point of view. I have this point of view."* Again. "Interesting point of view. I have this point of view." And one more time "Interesting point of view. I have this point of view." There. Does the situation have the same level of charge it had when you started? With interesting point of view you want to keep going until you no longer have any charge about the situation. It's weird. It's wacky. It works. Give it a go!

When you're laughing and you're able to have a good time, you're not doubting you. Doubting you is always serious, and it’s always based on a fixed point of view you have about you.

Having "interesting point of view" about a situation removes the charge, the drama, and the sense of impossibility that most people live with. Couple "interesting point of view" with this next tool and watch your life and your business skyrocket!

Step 5: Ask tons of questions* without coming to conclusion.

Questions open doors to greater possibilities. Conclusions and answers only set a limitation on what is possible.

If Im reading an article or book and they talk about asking questions I know I'm in the right place. Now, that last sentence sure sounded good, but if you notice, it's totally a conclusion! What question could I have been asking that would open even greater doors for my future?

"Where do I have to go, who do I have to talk to, what information am I missing, and what do I have to do to actualize everything I desire with total ease?"

Every question you ask with that sense of curiosity and wonder opens the doors to different possibilities you hadn't considered before. A question begins your seeking of that which is beyond your current understanding. Every single innovation in the whole history of our society has come from a question.

When you ask the question and every answer you get is just an interesting point of view, there's no longer anything you have to prove and EVERYTHING you can create.

"What would it take for this to show up greater than I ever thought or imagined possible?"* is a question I've been asking for the last 7 years, and that's what shows up for me again and again and again. Things showing up greater than I ever thought or imagined possible! And what else is now possible that we haven't even considered?

When you are being the question with curiosity and wonder beyond your current situation, you can trust that your life is on its way to becoming bigger and greater as long as you continue to seek beyond what you currently know and are currently capable of. 

There is always more and greater available.  What more and greater is available to you that is only a question and a choice away?

If you're doubting you, if you think you've already got the answer, you can trust that your life will be at most the same size tomorrow that it is today. The moment you come to that place where you come to a conclusion is the moment you give up the seeking of greater possibilities that only you being a question can bring into existence.

It's your choice, and it's only good for ten seconds. Then you get another one.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I invite you to try these tools and see if they work for you. I'd love to hear about what changes. Connect with me on Facebook here or on Instagram here to let me know.

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