Stuck on writing content for your website? 4 Ways to Find and Express Your Voice Online

Updated: Dec 4, 2017

Having a website is an integral part of business these days. Filling it with content can be daunting, but with these 4 tools, writing content for your website will be a breeze

1. Write what will empower people to know that they know

Empowerment has become a big buzz word over the past few years, but few people actually get what empowerment really is.

Empowerment is getting somebody to recognize the power that they have that they have not acknowledged. Power comes in many shapes and many forms. An easy way to recognize a place of power is to look at what others have made wrong. Every wrongness is a strongness in disguise (this is shown more in tip #4).

A question always empowers. An answer always disempowers. Asking a question like “what’s right about this I’m not getting?” opens the door to the awareness of the power somebody has where they have previously made themselves wrong. Ask somebody a question about them or their lives and they will always have the knowing somewhere that will unlock what they are looking at for them that they wouldn’t get if you just told them.

Even if your business is not directly about empowerment, if you empower those visiting your website, they will be more likely to come back, to choose more of what you have to offer, and feel like they received something from the time they chose to look at your site.

Tell somebody something and they have what you told them. Ask them a question, and they will have the awareness they get from it forever.

What could you write to inspire people to question what hasn’t been working in their lives?

For a while I thought what that meant was that you should only ever ask people questions. While asking people questions is a sure-fire way to empower them, sometimes people require information that they don’t currently have. In conversation, one way to tell if what you just told someone has empowered them is if they go “oh!”, if they smile, or if you could perceive their world open up in some way. What if writing to empower could be just as easy?

Have you ever read an article that truly inspired you, got you excited about something you could do different, or gave you an awareness of something that you didn’t have before that opened up your world? If so, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

What question could you inspire in people that would create a greater world for all of us?

When you empower others to know that they know, it becomes much more difficult for them to buy the lies that run rampant across the planet, especially when it comes to sales, marketing, advertising, promotions, and social media.

2. What’s true for you is always light, what’s heavy is always a lie

We all have knowing that is far greater than we’ve acknowledged. The only way that what anybody writes or says can inspire you is because it speaks to the knowing that you have that you may not have acknowledged before.

Something that is true for you will always have a sense of lightness or expansion when you read it, or when somebody tells it to you. Something that is a lie always has a sense of heaviness, or a crunch, or will just plain piss you off.

Asking “What’s the lie here spoken or unspoken?” will give you clarity about where something is not true for you that feels heavy or crunchy.

When you write from a sense of lightness is when you are writing from what you know. That invites others to have that lightness as well and further gives them the clarity to know what they know.

3. Be willing to be an opinion leader and say what no one else is willing to say.

You know things that nobody else knows. If you do not speak what you know that could create a change in the world, you will never upset the apple cart of other people’s realities and they will continue down the same path that isn’t working to create a greater future.

When you are willing to be an opinion leader you speak from what is true for you whether anybody agrees with you or not. Most people may not ever hear what you have to say, but if you can say one thing that changes one person’s life that creates a ripple effect that eventually creates a change throughout the world.

If you’re stopping what you say based on the judgments others might have of you, then who are you living your life for? For you? Or for other people’s judgments?

4. Be willing to be seen as wrong

The willingness to be seen as wrong is one of the greatest places of strength you can live from. Most of the control currently done on the planet comes from where people are not willing to be seen as wrong. Any time somebody has made you wrong, it’s a place where you actually had a level of strength that somebody else did not want you to have.

When you’re willing to be seen as wrong by anybody and everybody, you live from a level of freedom that few are willing to have but that most desire more than anything else: to not being able to be controlled by anyone.

When you stand up without doubt for what you know to be true, and have a willingness to speak it whether anybody else agrees with it or not, then you have an unassailable platform from which anything you choose to write about becomes a vehicle for change and empowerment in the world.

Now tell me what’s wrong with that? :P

Now one last tool. A bonus if you will…

If you are having a hard time thinking of a topic to write on, why not look at an area that most people make wrong? Wrong about themselves, others, the world. Ask, “what’s right about this I’m not getting?” and write about that! And there you go, you will have a topic that applies to, relates to, and can contribute to a wide and vast audience.

Bret Rushia C.F. is a Right Voice for You Breakthrough Facilitator, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, and Being You Certified Facilitator.

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